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About Us

Welcome to our website! Where the past and present of Taiwan and mainland China come alive. May peace and harmony be with you all and may your internet journey begin with but a click of the mouse button and a turn of the page.

We have formed the Crystal Dragon Of Taiwan website to educate readers about Taiwan, provide access to Asian connections and website resources, and to make available, for sale, Asian items of interest.

What's in a name?  We named the website in honor of a rare and beautiful glass crystal dragon figurine, which we acquired while visiting Taiwan. Our Crystal Dragon symbolizes Taiwan's purity and spirit. 

It is our intention at the Crystal Dragon Of Taiwan to provide a one stop shop for a wide variety of Chinese and Asian items. Please come browse through items of times gone by and relive the events from the past.

We have been active on the internet for more than a year, primarily doing business on eBay.  Please feel free to contact us or visit our eBay listings and references.  We hope you enjoy our website and the items we offer for your inspection and use.  Your comments and recommendations are always greatly appreciated.  Once again, thank you for visiting our site.

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Chinese Dragons

There are four main dragons. They are: Tien lung the Celestial Dragon; Fu Tang Lung the Treasure Dragon; Ti Lung the Earth Dragon; and Shen Lung the Rain Dragon. All dragons are bursting with good health and vitality. They are straight as an arrow, and direct. All dragons are incapable of meanness, hypocrisy, scandalmonger, and the most elementary form of tact or diplomacy. The dragon is an idealist and a perfectionist. Their opinions are worth listening to and their advice is always good. They are gifted, intelligent, tenacious, willing, and generous. They can do anything. Whatever they do, they will do it well.

If you are interested in learning more about Chinese dragons please click on link to Related Pages "Chinese Dragons."

-- The Crystal Dragon of Taiwan


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