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Coinage and Currency

China is one of the earliest countries that employed coins as a means of conducting commerce. It invented and is the earliest to use paper money as currency. Hence, Chinese coins and paper currency not only enjoy a long history but also encompass many varieties, values, and shapes. The coinage and currency of China and Taiwan are a living history of its' forefathers.

The coin and paper currency is a reflection of a country's society, history, economy, and culture. They are a product of time and a witness of politics, economy, finance, and the metallurgy of its' contemporary dynasty. During the study of coinage and paper currency of China and Taiwan a person can learn a lot about the governmental system, pictography, calligraphy, fine art, and much more of past dynasties, times and events. Almost every coin and paper note has a history of its' own, a story, and a myth. Hopefully the irresistible charm, history, and intrigue of the monetary system of China and Taiwan will inspire your interest and enthusiasm. 

The coinage and paper currency we offer are authentic (unless otherwise noted) and are 100% guaranteed. The sale prices are inclusive of shipping (within U.S.), insurance, taxes (where applicable), and packaging. We do mail internationally. Please contact us for rates. 

Links To Other Sites:

The Crystal Dragon Of Taiwan attempts to offer links to many sites that it hopes our visitors will find not only interesting and informative, but also educational. We have made every effort to make sure these sites are of the highest caliber. If any of our visitors have problems with these links or have discovered new interesting sites please inform our customer service department. We will continue to search the internet so as to be able to provide our visitors with additional links to future sites.

Taiwan Associations:

We at the Crystal Dragon Of Taiwan are always interested in learning about new Taiwan associations that have become active on the internet. If you know of any please contact our customer service department so that we may visit the site and possibly establish a link for them through our site. We also appreciate being contacted by anyone knowing of a change in any of the links we currently offer. We will continue to search the internet so as to be able to provide our visitors with continued link contact to other Taiwan associations. 


The editorials presented by the Crystal Dragon Of Taiwan are those of our editorial staff. Please let it be understood that this site is first and foremost a very strong supporter of Taiwan and the people of Taiwan. We welcome the opinions of our visitors. Those visitors wishing to express their opinions in response to the editorials please contact us via email.

Educational Resources:

The Crystal Dragon Of Taiwan is a very strong supporter of education. We have attempted to provide our visitors with links to many educational resources and are always actively seeking more. If any of our visitors have sites they would like to suggest please contact us via email or through our customer service department.

Multiple Order Discounts:

Through the sale of items offered on this site we 
are able to maintain it. As a service to those
choosing to purchase items we offer the following 
multiple order discounts from our currency and
coinage pages:

$50.00 and over = 5% discount
$100.00 and over = 10% discount
$150.00 and over = 15% discount
$200.00 and over = 20% discount

Thank-you for examining our for sale offerings.


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