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Other Asian Student Associations

Pagkakaisa Southwester College

Chi Sigma Phi

Asian Student Union - Home

Asian American Association - UC Berkeley

Asian Pacific Student Association - Cal State Fullerton

Chinese S.A. of Western Washington Univ.

Asian American Students in Alliance - University of Illinois, Chicago

Asian American Student Union - University of Washington

Worcester Polytechnic Institute CSA

Kappa Phi Lambda

Asian Student Union - James Madison University 

Japanese American Citizens League - Berkeley Chapter

Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association

Association for Asian Studies

Lambda Phi Epsilon 

University of Michigan HKSA

Yale University eCASA

UCLA Asian American Studies Center Online

University of Michigan - AOS

M.I.T. Chinese Student Scholar Assoc. (CSSA)

Asian American Alliance - Case Western Reserve Univ.

Asian American Culture Assoc. - Univ. of Arizona

Asian American Student Assoc. - Cal Poly Pomona 

Asian American Student Assoc. - Univ. of Richmond VA.

Asian American Student Assoc. - Univ. of Buffalo

Asian Pacific American Coalition - Univ. Illinois

Asian Students Assoc. - North Carolina State Univ.

Asian Student Union - S.F. State University

Chinese Student Union - Berkeley

Asian American Studies Center - UCLA

Asian American Studies Dept. - UC Santa Barbara

Asian Pacific American Student Services - USC

Oakland Asian Students Educational Services

Asian Pacific Islander Club - Pacific Lutheran Univ.

Amherst College - A.S.A

UCLA Asian American Studies Center  

University of Michigan FCSA

CalTech University - CCSA

Princeton University C.G.S.A.

Brown University HKSA

University of Texas at Arlington Zen Club

Columbia University CSC

Harvard University CCSS

John Hopkins University CSA

MIT University CSC

Princeton University HKSA

Rice University CSA

Stanford University ACSSS

Stanford University HKSA

Berkeley University CSA

Berkeley University CSU

University of California at Santa Barbara CSU

University of Chicago CUSO

Notre Dame - AAA

Oberlin - Asian American Alliance 

Univ. of Michigan - AAA

University of Oregon - Center for Asian & Pacific Studies 

Yale University - AACC

Penn State - AASC

Stanford - AASA

Duke University - ASA

Asian American Resource Center - Pomona College 

Asian American Mentor Program - Pomona College

Delta Chi Lambda - University of Arizona (Asian sorority)

USC Delta Phi Kappa (Asian sorority)

USC Sigma Phi Omega (Asian sorority)

UCI Kappa Zeta Phi (Asian sorority)

UCI Alpha Kappa Delta Phi (Asian sorority)

National Sigma Omicron Pi (Asian sorority)

National Lambda Phi Epsilon (Asian fraternity)

National Pi Alpha Phi (Asian fraternity)

USC Gamma Epsilon Omega (Asian fraternity)

Cal Poly Alpha Sigma Lambda (Asian fraternity)

UCLA Omega Sigma Tau (Asian fraternity)

Asian American Association - Northern Illinois University 

Asian Pacific American Law Students Assoc.

Asian Student Coalition (ASC) 

Midwest Asian American Students Union

Ohio State University - ASA

Omega Sigma Tau - UCLA

Pi Alpha Phi

Asian Pacific American Teachers Association 

Univ. Arizona Alpha Phi Gamma

Beta Upsilon Delta - Cal State Fullerton

Kappa Phi Lambda

Omega Tau Zeta - Ohio State University


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