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Asian Associations

Asian Women's Fund

Center for Asian American Media

Asian American Women Artists Association

MotivAsians - Cleveland

Asian Bone marrow Drive

CPA Boston

Advocates for Chinese Education

Asian Business League of San Francisco

Welcome to the Organization of Chinese Americans - Sacramento Chapter

Asian Americans for Obama

NAAAP Houston

U.S. Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce

Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce

Asian Educators Alliance New York

A A Rising

Nat. Assoc. of Asian Amer. Prof. (Atlanta)

National Association of Asian American Professionals Chicago

Asian Chefs Association

Asian Community Development Corporation Boston, MA

National Association of Asian American Professionals - Philadelphia

Chinese Music Society of North America

Silk Road Foundation

Diablo Valley Chinese Cultural Association

Asian American Bar Association of Houston

Chinese Canadian National Council

Federal Asian Pacific American Council - FAPAC

Asian American LEAD

The Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community

Zeta Epsilon Tau - CSU Long Beach


Welcome to OCA San Mateo!

China Rainbow Association - CA

Chinese Catholic Univ. Assoc. of North (in Chinese)
Chinese Music Society of North America - IL

Chinese Fine Arts Society - IL

Springfield Chinese American Association - IL

New York Chinese Community - NY

UNPO - home page - Taiwan member

Nat. Asian Women's Health Org.

Asian American Coalition Committee

Chinese Junior Chamber of Commerce in Western Countries

Coalition of Asian Pacific Americans

Asian Pacific Americans for Progress

Japan Society

Asian American Student Union - University of Washington

Dharma Realm Buddhist Assoc.

Asia Foundation 

Asian & Pac. Islander Amer. Health Forum

Chinese Amer. Phy. Soc.




Angel Island Assoc.

Mai Wah Soc. of Butte Mont.

Assoc. for Asian Studies

Overseas Chinese Youth Assoc.

Org. of Chinese Amer. of Greater Cleveland

Org. of Chinese Amer. (E. VA. Chapt.) 

Chinese Hist. & Cul. Proj. 

Chinese Amer. Med. Soc.

Nat. Asian Amer. Telecom. Assoc.

Oriental Numismatic Soc.

China Exploration & Research Soc. (CERS)

The Shalu Assoc. (Tibet)

Tibet Heritage Fund 

Lhasa Archive Project

Asia Democratic Foundation (ASIADEMO)

Monte Jade Science & Tech. Assn.

Asians For Miracle Marrow Matches

Asian Law Caucus

Asian Studies Assoc. of Australia Inc. 

Asian-Silicon Valley Con.

Asian Amer. Christian Fellowship

Asian Amer. Donor Prog.

Asian Amer. Journalists Assoc. (AAJA)

Asian Amer. Manu. Assoc. (AAMA)

Asian Amer. Writer's Workshop

Asian Pac. Amer. Net. 

Asian Women In Bus.

Chinese For Affirmative Action

Coalition For Asian Amer. Child. & Fam.

Leadership Educ. For Asian Pac. Inc. (LEAP)

Media Action Net. For Asian Amer.

Nat. Asian Pac. Amer. Legal Consortium

Nat. Assoc. of Asian Amer. Prof. (Chicago)

Nat. Assoc. of Asian Amer. Prof. (New York)

Net. of S. Asian Prof.

Org. of Chinese Amer. (San Mateo, CA.)

S. Asian Journalists Assoc.

Toronto Chinese Bus. Assoc. (Canada)

Asian Amer. Arts All.

Asian Liver CenT. - Stanford Univ.

Chinese Newcomers Serv. Cent.

CyberGarden of Yams (in Chinese)

Asian/Pac. Amer. Heritage Assoc.

Chinese American Citizens Alliance 

Asian Amer. Gov. Exe. Net. (AAGEN)

Asian and Pac. Islander Amer. Vote

Asian Pac. Amer. Lab. All./AFL-CIO

Asian Pac. Pol. and Plan. Council

Leadership Educ. for Asian Pacific's 

Nat. Asian Pac. Amer. Bar Assoc.

Nat. Asian Pac. Amer. Legal Consortium 

Nat. Asian Pac. Amer. Cent. on Aging 

Nat. Coalition for Asian Pac. Amer. Com. Dev.

Org. of Chinese Americans 

Southeast Asian Resource Action Center 

Asian American Institute 

World Eng Fam. Bene. Assoc. 

Japanese American Citizens League 

Dharma Drum Mountain Bud. Assoc. Chicago Chap.

Asian Amer. for Com. Outreach - S.F. CA.

ICON Philadelphia Asian Amer. Prof.

Springfield Chinese Amer. Assoc. Ill. 
The Chinese Students Mem. Soc. 

Assoc. Comm. Chinese Serv. in Amer. Civil War (ACCSACW) 

Chinese Hist. Soc. of Southern CA. 

Asian Com. Online Net. (ACON)

Media Act. Net. for Asian Amer. (MANAA) 

Anti-Asian Violence Net.

Asian Amer. Fed. of New York

I Legal Outreach 

Org. of Chinese Amer. - Columbus Chapt.

Asian Amer. Architects and Eng.

Chinese Cul. and Educ. Foun. 
Chinese Hist. Soc. of America 

Asian/Pacific Amer. Herit. Assoc.

Fed. of Chinese Amer. and Chinese Canadian Med. Soc. 

Asian Amer. Bar Assoc. - Greater Bay Area 

Asian Pac. Amer. Teach. Assoc. (APATA)
Asian Amer. Civic Assoc. - Boston

Bristol Ch`an Group 

Families with Children from China

The Manzanar Committee 

China Stamp Society 

Royal Asiatic Soc. Hong Kong Branch

National Asian Women's Health Org.

Asia Soc.

Nat. Jap. Amer. Hist. Soc.

Jap. Amer. Cit. Leag.

Asian Amer. for Equality (AAFE)

Asian & Pac. Islander Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Inc

Coalition of Asian Pac. Amer.

Sakhi for S. Asian Women

S. Asian Journalists Assoc.

S. Asian Youth Act. Inc.

Asian Assoc. of Utah 

Asia 2000 Foundation of New Zealand

Orange Cnty. Asian Pac. Islander Comm. All.

Jap. Amer. Cit. Leag. - Cleveland Chapt.

Jap. Amer. Cit. Leag. - Florin Chapt.

Jap. Amer. Cit. Leag. - N.Y. Chapt.

Jap. Amer. Cit. Leag. - Philadelphia Chapt. 

Jap. Amer. Cit. Leag. - Portland Chapt.

Jap. Amer. Cit. Leag. - Seattle Chapt.

Jap. Amer. Cit. Leag. - Sonoma Cnty. Chapt.

Jap. Amer. Cit. Leag. - Ventura Cnty. Chapt. 

Jap. Amer. Cit. Leag. - Watsonville/Santa Cruz Chapt.

Jap. Amer. Cit. Leag. - Diablo Vall. Chap.

Jap. Amer. Cit. Leag. - Berkeley Chapt. 

Jap. Amer. Cit. Leag. - Hooiser Chapt. 

Nat. Asian Pac. Amer. Women's Forum 

OCAPICA - Or. Cnty Asian Pac. Is. Comm. All. 

Royal Asiatic Soc. H.K. Branch 

Asian Amer. for Comm. Outreach

Asian American Civic Association - Boston

Young Gen. Asian Prof

Asian Liver Center at Stanford University

Welcome to CauseUSA.org

Falun Dafa Information Center

Falun Dafa

Falun Dafa Clearwisdom.net

Falun Dafa at Stanford

Falun Dafa in Northern California (Cultivation Practice)

NAAAP Atlanta chapter

NAAAP Minnesota chapter

NAAAP National

NAAAP San Francisco chapter

NAAAP Toronto chapter

NAAAP Vancouver chapter

NAAAP Washington DC Chapter

Asian & Asian American Organizations (list of links)

Asian Pacific Health care Venture inc. Pacific Asian

South Asian-American Women's Assoc. SS

NAAAP Seattle chapter

Birmingham Chinese Association

Alaska Chinese Association

Asian American Association

Asian American Bar Association of Greater Bay Area

Asian American Dance Performances

Asian American Journalists Association/National

Asian American Recovery Services, Inc. (AARS)

Asian American Manufacture Association (AAMA)

Asian American Journalists Association - National

Asian Americans for Community Involvement

Asian Community Mental Health Services

Asian Health Services

Asian Inc.

Asian Law Caucus

Asian Pacific Environmental Network

Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum

Asian Women's Resource Center

Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations

Chinese Culture Center

Chinese for Affirmative Action

East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation

Monte Jade Science and Technology Association

National Asian Women's Health Organization

NAAAP-San Francisco

Japanese American Citizens League

Japanese American Resource Center and Museum (JARC/M)

Japanese Cultural & Community Center of Northern California

National Japanese American Historical Society

Yu-Ai Kai (Japanese American Senior Service)f
Asian American Economic Development Enterprises, Inc

Asian Business Association of San Diego

Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations

Asian Pacific American Legal Center of Southern California 

Asian Pacific Women's Center, Inc.

Little Tokyo Service Center, Inc.

South Asian Helpline and Referral Agency

Visual Communications

Asian Chamber of Commerce

Asian Pacific American Bar Association

Colorado Chinese Community

Colorado Springs Chinese Cultural Institute

Japan America Society of Colorado

Japan America Society of Southern Colorado

Connecticut Asian Pacific American Bar Association

Delaware Chinese American Association

Asian American Government Executives Network

Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies

Asian American Journalists Association

Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance

Conference on Asian Pacific American Leadership (CAPAL)

Federal Asian Pacific American Council

National Asian Pacific American Bar Association

National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium

National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development

Organization of Chinese Americans

US Pan Asian American Chamber Of Commerce

Asian American Resource Center

Organization of Chinese Americans, Georgia Chapter

Asian Pacific American Women's Leadership Institute

Asian Health Coalition of Illinois

Chicago Chinatown Chamber of Commerce

Indo American Center Home

Iowa Asian Alliance

Chinese Progressive Association

NAAAP Boston

Asian Media Access

Asian American Bar Association of New York

Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund

Asian American Writers' Workshop

Asian & Pacific Islander Coalition on HIV/AIDS,Inc

Asian CineVision

Asian Professional Extension, Inc.

Cammy Lee Leukemia Foundation Inc.

China Institute

Chinatown YMCA of Greater New York

Coalition for Asian American Children and Families

Coalition of Asian Pacific Americans

Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence

Committee of 100

Japan Society

Japan Volunteer Team "New York de Volunteer"

Japanese American Social Services, Inc.


New York Asian Women's Center

New York Chinese Cultural Center

Sakhi for South Asian Women

Second Generation

South Asian Journalists Association

South Asian Youth Action, Inc.

The National Association of Asian American Professionals

North Carolina Chinese Business Association

NAAAP - Philadelphia

Asian Pacific American Heritage Association

Chinese Community Center

Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber of Commerce


National Meditation Center for World Peace

National Association of Asian American Professionals


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