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Thanks Michael and May Buddha Bless...1958......

CastTV missed TV clips
Webgames3D Excellent

Mini-Clips online games, my favorite is "Quick Fire Pool"

Old Master Q Comics :: The Official Website

Aeria Games

SimBackgammon - Excellent site for playing Backgammon

Hosomo: Original Television Programming Online

Picture Bride film

Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival 2008

Iris Chang: The Rape of Nanking movie

Runescape (Excellent FREE role playing game - EXTREMELY POPULAR)

Charlotte Sometimes (the movie)  

Chonk Moonhunter movies from Asian America

The Slanted Screen: Asian Men in Film and Television documentary

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

True Love & Mimosa Tea (movie)

Betelnut Girls Taiwan - video

Betelnut Girls Slideshow - video

pole dancers and betel nut girls - video

Betelnut Girls Slideshow - video

Might Warriors of Comedy documentary

betel nut girl - video

Betelnut girl: Not Always What You Expect - video

Betel Nut Brothers - video

Aboriginal dance in Taiwan - video

Taiwan aboriginal~1 - video

Taiwan aboriginal~2 - video

Taiwan aboriginal~3 - video

Taiwan aboriginal~5 - video

Taiwan aboriginal~8 - video

proud Amei men and women part 1 - video

Taiwan touch your heart ( A-mei ) - video

A-Mei - Blue Sky - video

A-Mei : Blue Sky 2 - video

A-Mei : Don't Lie To Me - video

A-Mei : Hold Hands - video 

A-Mei : Remember - video 

A-Mei : Gu Sheng Ruo Xiang - video 

A-Mei : Zhen Shi - video 

A-Mei : Reaction - video 

A-Mei : Mei You Yan Chou De Ri Zi - video 

A-Mei : Katsu - video

A-mei - No Regrets - video

A-Mei : Yin Wei Ni Mei Shuo - video

Asian Talent Online

8 Asians

First National Asian American Theater Festival

West 32nd the film

Interpersonal Relations Coaching for Asians

Baby (Official Site) the movie

Akira's Hip-Hop Shop movie

Pandemonium movie

WFITV (watch free internet television)

PhoeniX Tech. Incorp. (PTI) - (Excellent)

Disney Online - The Official Home Page of The Walt Disney Company!

CTTV (Taiwan TV for the home)

CTTV 华人电视台

Daily Dumpling

Undoing the film

China Dolls: A Novel 

Asian Playboy: Dating, Seduction & Pick Up Advice

Disney Channel - Home

Americanese the film

True Love & Mimosa Tea the film

Hong Kong Disneyland

Radio Disney - The Official Homepage

Welcome To Seussville!

The Chinese Clown Cabaret

ImaginAsian TV

Night Clubs 

Asian Film Festival of Dallas
Half-Life - film

China Tours by Muztagh Travel Service

Red 23  (a band based in Taipei)

International Community Radio Taiwan

Taiwan FUN

Expat Radio Taiwan

Lunar Broadband (radio, tv & much more)

Now Chinatown - the film

Taiwan Urban People

DJ Taiwan

Taiwan Nightlife

The Anglers (Taiwan's roots revivalists)

The Witch House Club (in Chinese)

The Party Room - Taiwan

AXD Club - Taipei

The Living Room - Taiwan

Brown Sugar - Taiwan

The Pig Pen - Taichung

Tofu Festival - Los Angeles

Asian American Dance Performances

SINOMOVIE.COM - in Chinese

Swank - 1 of the most consistent reg. party org. in Taiwan

Kollaboration - Chicago

Silkscreens - Boston Asian American Independent Film Festival

Cyberstage Taiwan 

Chinese Taipei Film Archive 

The Database of Taiwan Cinema

Films from Taiwan and China

James Mar Studio (cartoons and more)

SinoMovie (in Chinese)

Women Make Waves  (in Chinese) Off. site of Taiwan Women's Film & Video Soc.

At The Movies

South Asian League of Artists in America

PC and Pixel - comic by Thach Bui

Miss Teen Chinatown 2003 - SF. CA. USA

Angry Little Girls


Charlotte Sometimes - the movie 


MTV Taiwan

Nancy Kwan: Hong Kong's Gift to Hollywood

Kelly Hu - the official site 

1Chinastar (Chinese celebrity news)

In THE MOVIES this week from yahoo.com

KCET television - PBS

Chinese Television System (Taiwan)

Skinny Panda - comic strip 

Premiere Movie Magazine

Virtual I-Ching (performs an I-Ching reading for you)

Chinese Film & Movies

California Heartland

International Channel

Yahoo Radio

RTHK Radio programs

International Channel Network

Discovery Kids


Greenpeace Taiwan Cultural Radio Station

Muzi Chinese Celebrity Guide (Chinastar)

Formosa Television (Taiwan)

Asian Profiles

Asian America (television program)

Asian Cinevision

Asian Wired

Asian American Entertainment Resource

Asian American Film

Asian Celebrity Directory

The Michelle Kwan Fan Page

The Michelle Kwan Figure Skating Fan Page

Entertainment Tonight (TV show)

The History Channel

An American in Taipei (diary)

Hong Kong Cable TV

Tokyo FM Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (in Japanese)

FM Japan Limited (in Japanese)

Rush Limbaugh Radio Talk Show

All About Game Shows

KSCI-TV (S. Ca. Multi-Lang. Station)

Radio Windows

Windows Media

Learning Network - Fun Brain (children)

All Look Same (curious site)

Asian Artists Website List

Switzerland - visual tourism

Hit FM Taiwan

UFO Radio - Taipei TW 

PRS Programme - Taipei TW 

TURC - Trans-Universe Radio Communications - Hsinchu TW 

News Radio - Taipei TW... news 

Super FM - Taipei TW... CHR 

Kiss Radio - Kaohsiung TW 

ICRT - Int. Com. Radio Taipei - Taipei TW - pop/talk
Boxer Jam (games)

TVNET - NEW pro-Taiwan, internet-based radio station


Yan Can Cook

BCC FM - Taiwan Broadcast Corp. of China

CBS News: Up to the Minute [audio/video/text] 

CNN: Showbiz [Incl. current movie video clips] 

The Comic Strip [Comics from United Media] 

wwiTV - World Wide Internet TV

Liberty Meadows - comic strip by Frank Cho 

Secret Asian Man - weekly comic strip 


Yell-Oh Girls!

American Adobo - film 

Asian American Film 

The Debut - the film 

Freshmen - the movie 

Romeo Must Die - the movie 

International Mahjong Official Website 

Nia Peeples Corner - the off. Int. fan website 

Chinese Popstars Ring 

teens.network Ring 

Mavis Fan Webring

Jay Zhou Jie Lun World Ring 

All-Ilocano Webring Ring 

Lee-Hom Wang's WebRing 

Travel to China WebRing 

China Travel Ring 

Fredys Chinese Rock Web Ring

Arlecchina's Tavern WebRing 

Asian Cooking Webring 

Asian Entertainment Web Ring 

That Girl Ring 

WebGrrrls Ring 

Storytellers Ring 

The world of Mahjong Ring 

Lowchen & Crested Ring 

Toursgallery for gardens, pottery, crafts, nature Ring 

Emil Chau's Web Ring 

Writers Webring

Talking Cock - Singapore's Premier Satirical Humor Website

The Coxford Singlish Dictionary

Tampenis - book of uniquely S'porean records

Lion City Living

Truck Girl - the movie 

Beyond trailers - IFilm



Origami Heaven

TV Tome

Whitney Art Port

The Oracle of Starbucks

Old Master Q Comic

The Smoking Gun

Global Oriented (all of CHINA)

Chinese Cinema Page 

Goy Vey! 

Kineda::Give into the TemptAsian

Ninjai: The Little Ninja

Better Luck Tomorrow (film)



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