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Taiwan Links

TECO LA - Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles

Directory of Taiwan - Links to Business, Resources,Information and more

Council for Economic Planning and Development

Taiwan-related Web Sites

Welcome to the Taiwan Documents Project

My Taiwan

The Legislative Yuan

Support Dr. Ching Jyh Shieh (Chinese, based in Taiwan)

Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TSEC)

KAO JEN TOOLS CO., LTD  (specializes in woodworking tools)

Leslie Chambers photoblog gallery & journal

Taiwan Forestry Research Institute

Link Taiwan (Taiwan Directory and info on the web.)

Send a Taiwan Ecard

Taiwan Desktop Wallpaper 

Department of Motion Pictures

Department of Publications

Department of Domestic Information

artview.com.tw - in Chinese + photos

photosharp.com.tw - in Chinese + photos

the Knowledge



Forumosa Friends

Forumosa Blog

Taiwan Advice - large selection of info.

Tavern Taipei Sports Pub

For conservation and wise use of wetlands in Taiwan

National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

Far EasTone

National Taiwan University Hospital 

Taiwan Adventist Hospital 

Asiaco Taiwan (Taiwan search engine/directory)

Taiwan National Trail System

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Embassies/Representative Offices Around the World

Government Information Office (GIO)

Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission

Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA)

Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA

Ministry of Finance

Tourism Bureau, MOTC  

Council of Cultural Affairs

National Palace Museum

National Science Council

Council of Agriculture

Kaohsiung City Government

People First Party (in Chinese)

Taiwan Solidarity Union (in Chinese)

New Party (in Chinese) 

The Frying Scotsman

Third Nature Publishing Co. (in Chinese) (home of TAIWAN HISTORY IN COMICS)

Taiwan Ministry of National Defense (NEW - in Chinese). 

Taiwan Ministry of National Defense (NEW - in English)

Tealit (Teaching English and Living in Taiwan)

Central Weather Bureau

International Community Radio Taiwan

Taiwan Urban City Guide

Taiwan Alpine - in Chinese

WELS Taiwan Mission

Tien Education Center Taiwan

Dharma Drum Mountain

China Evangelical Seminary

Campus Evangelical Fellowship

Expat Radio Taiwan

The Witch House Club (in Chinese)

Leslie Chambers photoblog gallery & journal

The China Desk - Links

FreshTreks-City Escapes in Taiwan

USA Taiwan Commonwealth Foundation

Taiwan Banks

Arnie.net - Taiwan

Wok Me Taiwanese Cuisine

Taiwanese Cuisine - list of classic Taiwanese foods

Taiwan Food Photos

Down, Out and Delicious Dining - Eating out in Taipei on $10 a day 

Dai House of Stinky Tofu 


Paiwan Home Page

Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines

Academia Sinica


Taiwan Aboriginal Rights Web Page

Atayal: The worldwide voice of the indigenous tribes of Formosa.

Taioan Kam-a-tiam (Chinese)

Getting to Know Taiwan (Chinese)

De-Sinification: Language and Nationalism in Asia (Hoklo Taiwanese)

Introduction About Festivals at Taiwan

Festivals: The Mid-Autumn Festival

Taiwan : Festivals in the Country

Taiwan - Events & Festivals

Taipei Municipal Library

Taiwan Fun City Guide (excellent information)

Remembering 2-28

The 228 Massacre - Related sites

Definition of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office

Pingtung's Mountains and Coast

Exploring Chungshan North Road

Exploring Southern Taiwan-Country Travel

Taipei's Three Hot-Spring Hot-Spots: Yangmingshan, Peitou and Wulai

A Trip down Tunhua Road

Exploring Southern Taiwan-Country Travel

Betel nut beauty

Museum of World Religions

The Taiwan Aboriginal Rights Webpage

welcome to taiwan

Cloudgate Dance Theater 

Godot Theatre Company 

Taiwan Tati Cultural And Educational Foundation

Taiwan Study Society (in Chinese)

Care Taiwan Association

TVNET - NEW pro-Taiwan, internet-based radio station


Taiwan President (in Chinese)

Yahoo.com (in Chinese)

Holidays and Festivals in Taiwan

Official Taiwan Commemorative Holidays

Taiwan Lunar Festivals

Calendar of Taiwan Holidays and Festivals

Taiwanese Websites Around the World

Ask Jeeves about Taiwan

Sinanet.com (in Chinese)

Taiwan Network Information Center (in Chinese)

Taipei Economic and Cultural office New York


Travel in Taiwan

American Institute in Taiwan

Taiwan Tour Information 

University of Texas at Austin - about Taiwan

Search-Beat online internet guide

New Taiwan, Ilha Formosa - Political

Taiwanese Folklore & Information

Australia: Taipei Economic and Cultural Office

Yahoo! Taiwan (in Chinese)

Interactive Map of Taipei

Republic Of China (R.O.C.) On Taiwan Newswire

Chicago Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (Info. Div.) 

Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Taipei City Government

Taiwan National Central Library

National Science & Technology Museum of Taiwan

Timeless Taiwan Aboriginal Art

Taiwan Mixed Links 

Kuomintang (Nationalist Party)(in Chinese)

New Party (Old Nationalist)(in Chinese)

Education in the Republic of China (link list)

Taiwan (Republic of China) (list of links)

Academia Sinica 

Feng Chia University (in Chinese)

FuJen Catholic University

National Central University 

National Cheng Kung University

National Chengchi University 

National Chiao-Tung University 

National Chung Cheng University

National Chung-Hsing University 

National Taiwan Normal University 

National Taiwan Ocean University 

National Taiwan University 

National Tsing-Hua University 

Tamkang University 

Tunghai University

Democratic Progressive Party 

Avanguard (in Chinese) 

Ocean Taiwan (in Chinese) 

Taiwan Nation (in Chinese) 

Taiwan New Party (Hsin Tang)

Taiwan Documents Project

Formosan Assoc. for Public Affairs

New Political Party (in Chinese)

Common Misconceptions about Taiwan 

Taiwan Independence: Image and Reality

Taiwanese Independence (in Chinese)
Two Countries, Two Systems (in Chinese)

Taiwan Communiqué (issues list)

Taiwan Security Research

The True History of Taiwan

Sights of Taiwan

Taiwan, China (pro PRC site)

Taiwan Aboriginal Rights (text & links)

Formosa Aboriginal Cultural Village 

Taipei American School

Taiwan Focus - small chat room

Yam - popular directory and portal to Taiwan

PRS Programme - Taipei TW 

TURC - Trans-Universe Radio Communications - Hsinchu TW 

News Radio - Taipei TW... news 

ICRT - Int. Com. Radio Taipei - Taipei TW - pop/talk
Cyber Stage Taiwan

Physicians' Chamber Orchestra of Taiwan

Taiwan Highway Bureau

Taiwan Fisheries Research Institute

Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute

Taiwan Institute of Economic Research

Formosa - 19th Century Images

Taiwan Stock Exchange 
Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs 

Taiwan Trade 
Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association 
Taiwan Network Information Center 
National Science and Technology Museum - Kaohsiung

Taiwan Tour Information 
Taiwan Fair Trade Commission 
Taiwan Atomic Energy Council 
Taiwan Business Directory 
Business Council for Sustainable Development 
of the Republic of China - Taiwan (BCSD)

Taiwan - Port of Kaohsiung 
Tien Education Center Taiwan

National CKS Cultural Center R.O.C. National Theater Concert Hall

Taiwan Advance Patent and Trademark Office 
Taiwan Chamber of Commerce 
Taipei Municipal Chien-Kuo Senior School 
Taipei Municipal Cheng-Kung Senior School 
Metal Industries Research & Development Centre 

Taiwan - Ministry of the Interior
Hsi Fang Buddhist Temple 
Learn about TAIWAN



Government Information Office publication index (2001)

Visiting TAIWAN

National Sun Yat-sen University (Chinese)

On-line Chinese Tools

Centre for Chinese and Language Studies

Taiwan Ho!

Taiwan Council for Hakka Affairs, Exe. Yuan 

Taiwan Tobacco and Wine Board 

Taiwan Romanization

Searchable maps of Taiwan (Multimap)

Taiwan Map (ultimate guide)

Maps of Taiwan Gallery

Perry-Castañeda Library Taiwan Map Collection

Hospitals in Taiwan

Taiwan phone directory

Lonely Planet about Taiwan

Travel in Taiwan

Tourism in Taiwan

Taiwan Community Center 

Taiwan Double Ten National Day

Asia-Hotels - Taiwan 

Taipei Dong Wu Hotel

The Grand Hotel - One of the most famous landmarks in Taiwan

Hostels in Taiwan - ..from the worldwide hostel database

Hostel in Taipei - On Lin Shen North Rd

Taiwan Overseas Chinese Affairs Comm. (in Chinese)

BCC FM - Taiwan Broadcast Corp. of China

Taiwan - Your good neighbor

Taiwan: Rising to the Challenge, Embracing the Future

Taiwan Reaching Out as World Citizen

Taiwan in the global village #1 (in Chinese)

Taiwan in the global village #2 (in Chinese)

Taiwan in the global village #3 (in Chinese)

Mainland Affairs Council ROC (in Chinese)

Miracle Cycling Club (Chinese)

Taiwan President (in Chinese)

Taiwan Nation (in Chinese)

TVBS (in Chinese)

Taiwan TV (in Chinese)

Taipei National University of the Arts

Golf Courses of Taiwan

Taiwan Green Party

General Assoc. of the Scouts of China

Wild Formosa

Taiwan Yellow Pages Directory

Taiwan Railway

Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute

Telephone and Fax Numbers for Travel to Taiwan

Chung Yuan Christian University 

Ming-Chuan College 

Nation Changhua University of Education 

National Kaohsiung Normal University 

National Taiwan Institute of Technology 

National Taiwan Ocean University 

National Yunlin Institute of Technology 

Oriental Institute of Technology 

Van Nung Institute of Technology

Taiwan Ho! photo albums - EXCELLENT

Taiwan Todo BBS - PC home (in Chinese)

Taichung Veterans General Hospital

Taipei Pubs

Dharma Drum Mountain 

CBS Radio Taiwan Int.

Maps of Taiwan - links

Living in Taiwan - Travel & Tourism

Mackay Memorial Hospital, Taitung 

National Cheng Kung University Hospital 

St. Joseph's Hospital 

Taiwan Adventist Hospital

Jobs in Taiwan

Living in Taiwan - links

About moving to Taiwan


David's Guide to Taiwan

Taiwan Foreign Language Editors' Corner

Taiwan Info (French)

Voice of Taiwan

Romanization (a guide to Taiwan)

iTAIWAN (discussions)

Taiwantp (in Chinese)

Marriage in Taiwan

Taiwan Stuff

Work Permit Information

Amnesty International Taiwan

Around Kaohsiung


Penghu County Government

Kaohsiung City Government

Kaohsiung International Airport

Port of Kaohsiung

Taichung City Government

Emperor Hotel

Taiwan Philanthropy Info. Cent.

Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan (in Chinese) Labor policies & issues;

Taiwan President 

Taiwanese Legal Research Guide 

World Legal Information Institute: Taiwan 

Taiwan Legal Research at the University of Washington 

The e-Government Entry Point of Taiwan 

Ministry of Economic Affairs 

Ministry of the Interior

Look It's Taipei (in Chinese)

The Office of the President of the Republic of China

Taipei Bureau of Civil Affairs

Taipei City Government: Department of Labor 

Formosan Association for Public Affairs

Green Party Taiwan

People First Party (in Chinese)

Taiwan Solidarity Union (in Chinese)

World United Formosans for Independence

Taiwan Ceramics Net (TCN)

Swank - 1 of the most consistent reg. party org. in Taiwan Swank


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Taiwan Associations/Groups
Taiwan Student Association

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