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Taiwan Historical Items

Taiwan Democratic Republic's Official Note
Taiwan Official Note (2nd edition)
One Silver Coin Payable on Bearer's Demand Issued by General Official Monetary Bureau Issued on the 15th day, 7th month, 21st year of Kuang Hsu (1895).

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Size  248(l) x 133(w)

During Sino-Japanese War of 1894 China was thoroughly defeated by Japan.  Consequently, in accordance with the peace treaty of the two countries, Taiwan was ceded to Japan permanently.  

When people and officials of Taiwan heard the news, they were disappointed and refused to accept such fact.  They quickly decided to safeguard their lands and establish their own nation with or without Ching's government support, with respect to avoid from being governed by Japan.  The new nation was set up at the 22nd day, 5th month, of 1995, named as Taiwan Democratic Republic.  It was the first democratic country in Asia.

During the independence campaign the Taiwanese people determined to fight with Japan if necessary.  With a view to collect enough nations, the new government started to issue stamps and paper money, for repaying expenditures.  The paper money had two issuance, the 1st issuance was in the 6th month of 1895, and the 2nd issuance was  in the following month, they were in 4 denominations: 10,5, 1 silver dollar and 500 cashes.

Hundreds of battles were bursting out after Japanese troops had landed  on Taiwan, and forced Japan to pay a great price even greater that they suffered in the war of Ching's military during 1894.  Even though the major confrontations in this island still were putting out 3 months latter, this new nation only lasted for about 100 days.  Most of the paper money issued by this  nation was destroyed after Japanese's ruling, and become very rare and precious in nowadays.

Chinese Coinage Website


Chinese Revolutionary Gold Bond

The shown paper note, 79(l) x 194(w)mm, was issued by Dr. Sun Yat-Sen and the revolutionary party he chaired in San Francisco during 1909, i.e. the first year of Huang Tung reign of Ching's Dynasty.

Dr. Sun was the founder of the Republic of China.  With respect to establish such new country, he started his revolutionary career in overthrowing the reign of Ching since 1894.  Then thereafter he and his followers had failed 10 times in military actions, many revolutionaries were killed or caught to be executed by then government until October 1911.

Their 11th trial successfully gave the Manchurian government a fatal strike, and gave birth to the Republic of China.

Dr. Sun  and the revolutionaries led their lives like desperadoes in China, most of the domestic financial aids were cut off.  As  to keep revolutionary campaigns proceeded, they constantly went abroad to seek for help from  overseas China.

The show bond in 10 dollars was on to the bonds they issued for collecting revolution funds in San Francisco.  In the issuance, in addition to the  10-dollar bond, there were some in 100 and 1,000 dollars, anyone funding 1, 10, 100 US dollars would be granted the three bonds, respectively,  and would be paid in Chinese currency at the day when the Republic of China was founded.

As a matter-of-fact, most of the bonds were not paid at the day as above promised, until 26 years later, i.e. 1937.

Chinese Coinage Website


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