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Mainland China Links

Chinese Architecture: Forbidden City, Beijing

The Laughing Buddha

The Temple Guy

China Tours by Muztagh Travel Service


China the Beautiful - Chinese Art and Literature

Ancient China

Chinese Events - In Chinese

Eating China - Chinese Food Culture and History

Links to China

China Embassy (PRC)

Chinese Cultural Studies: Web Sites

Dui Hua Foundation

Nanking Masaccre Photos (6 pages of photos) (WARNING: Some photos are gruesome)

Talking Cock - Singapore's Premier Saterical Humor Website

U.S. & China Dept of State Int. Info. Prog. (Chinese)

China Today

Images Of China  by Jenny Chu
(Journeys with the Ethnic Minority Groups of China)

Images Of China by Jenny Chu
(China 2001)

Hong Kong Special Administration Region

Vistas of China's Mainland

China The Beautiful (Main Room)

Legend of the White Snake

People's Republic of China History (1949-present)

General Qing Dynasty History

China Site (Complete China Reference in English)

China The Beautiful (Chinese / English)

Lycos Travel Beijing

Origin of Chinese Surnames

Essence of Chinese Calendar

Western - Chinese Calendar Converter

CPCW.com (in Chinese)

163.net (in Chinese)

Chinainfo.gov.cn/ (in Chinese)

China Index.phps (in Chinese)   

China Mailing List (Genealogy)

China Genealogy Web Project

Asia Genealogy Web Project

Chinese Surname Queries

Chinese Farmerís Calendar

Distant Cousins (Genealogical)

Chinese Lunar Calendar

People's Republic of China Embassy Washington, D.C. 

Patent Office - China

Chinese Research (Genealogy)

Cultural Center of San Francisco, California

American Born Chinese Flash News (Click 2 Asia)

National Committee on United States - China Relations 

Beijing Cultural Website (in Chinese)

China Scholar Abroad

Hua Xia Wen Zhai

CWW.com (in Chinese)

China Tour (China travel information)

Peking University

Tsinghua University

RTHK Programmes (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong World Wide Web Servers

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Mainland China Mixed Links 

Chinabyte.com (in Chinese)

Committee of 100 (organization)

New York Chinese Cultural Center

Chinese Coins & Dynasties

Chinese Paper Money

Chinese Machine Struck Coins

Chinese Charms

Fantasy Chinese Coins

Chinese Tokens

Chinese Special Coin Issues

Foreign Silver Coins Circulated In China

"Unfamiliars" in the Chinese Coinage

Chinese Coinage & Various Collectible Items

Chinese Coinage Literature

Art of China (links)

History of China

ChinaSite - Links to China/Chinese-Related Web Sites

Internet Guide For China Studies (links)

Chinese History Resources (links)

Other Chinese Sites (list of links)

Extensive List of Links to Modern Chinese History 

People's Republic of China (HUGE list of links)

Mongolia (list of links)

eChina Art - Chinese Art Portal Site 

PRC Links & News from TSR

History we shall never forget (China: 1931-1945)
CHINA - A Country Study

Journey East

Tibet: Myth, Reality, The Other Side

China: History, Violence, Peace, Blood & Tears

China: Modern Age, Life Styles, Travel, East & West

China: Arts, Entertainment, Fiction & Fashion

China: News & Views, Current Events, Commentary

China Q & A Centre 

Hong Kong Links Page

Asian Info. - China

A Digital Artist - On the Road in China 

Chinese Culture Net

Chinese Cultural Studies: Images

General China - link list

Penjing - Chinese landscape bonsai

Art Scene China

BBS. SJTU. Education

Secretary of the Navy, 1913-28 flag

Admiral's rank flag, 1913-28 flag

China - historical/cultural flags

Early Chinese flags

China Pre-Republic Rank Flags (1912)

Imperial Dragon flag (1872)

The Dragon flag (1890's)

Chinese Imperial Nautical Flags

First Class Admiral, North Squadron nautical flag

Merchant Ensign, 1903-1912 nautical flag

Customs flag of China and Taiwan
Pilot Flag, circa 1917 (China)

Chinese Soviet Army 25th Batallion

Manchuoko flag

Guangdong Communists (China) flag

China - Anti-Japanese Army

Inner Mongolian People's Party

Hainan flag

Falun Gong (China) flag

China - historical/cultural flags

Chinese Soviet Republic Flag

Hong Kong Flag

Selections of Items About China

Inner Mongolia (China) Flag

Mongolian Federated Autonomous Government Flag

Mongolian League Flag

Chinese Soviet Republic Flag

Chinese Soviet Army 25th Batallion Flag

China - Anti-Japanese Army Flag

Inner Mongolian People's Party Flag

Hainan Flag

Ethnic Minorities Products of Culture in China 

Buddhist Art of China

China Arts

China Culture Index

China Pages

Virtual China

China's Rural Architecture

Chinese Pavilions

Scenery of China

Siheyuan: the Chinese Quadrangle

Kanglida Glass of China

China Historic Scenery Guide and Pictures

Chinese Characters & Culture

Contemp. Chinese Art Gallery (Art Scene China)

CHINAPAGES (News and more in Eng.)

Yahoo China (China search eng. in Chinese)

Timway (H.K. search eng. in Eng.)

Timway (H.K. search eng. in Chinese)

Yahoo! Hong Kong (in Chinese)

Yahoo! Chinese (Trad. Chinese) 

SinoLogic China Links

Wenlin Institute

Miao Miao Miao

China Vista

Antiquities of China

Art of China (mixed links)

Chinese Cul. Cent. News Link (China) 

Singapore Mixed Links

Mongolia Mixed Links 

Howhunt (Chinese search engine in Chinese) 

China Embassy In The U.S. (Chinese)

Webshots - CHINA

Chinese customs

Chinese music

China's North: Imperial Beijing and Xian
by Phil Douglis   
Worldisround - China's North: Imperial Beijing and Xian ...

chinasmile.net - in Chinese  + photos

comefromchina.com - in Chinese  + photos

westca.com - in Chinese  + photos

abbs.com.cn - in Chinese  + photos

chinaphoto.com.cn - in Chinese  + photos

fotosay.com - in Chinese + photos

g-lens.com - in Chinese + excellent nature photos

new-pp.net - in Chinese photo club

nphoto.net  - in Chinese  + photos

paowang.com - in Chinese  + photos

photocom.cn - in Chinese  + photos

zjonline.com.cn - in Chinese  + photos


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