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Articles of Interest

Mughal Jades - A Technical and Sculptural Perspectiveby Stephen Markel

The Tibet Artisan Initiative and the Dropenling Handicraft Development Center

Tara and the Cult of the Female in Buddhism

Tantra: The Method Of Kindling Dormant Energies

Each of us a Healer: Medicine Buddha and the Karma of Healing

The Psychology and Practice of Pleasure: Explorations in the Kama Sutra

Technique of Batik Art

Sacred Buddhist Painting - The Tibetan Thangka

The Life of Buddha in Legend and Art

Love and Passion in Tantric Buddhist Art

Green Tara and White Tara - Feminist Ideals in Buddhist Art

Wrathful Guardians of Buddhism - Aesthetics and Mythology

Ritual Implements in Tibetan Buddhism: A Symbolic Appraisal

Islam - Aesthetics of a Mystic Religion

Color Symbolism In Buddhist Art

The Bodhisattva Ideal - Buddhism and the Aesthetics of Selflessness

Dance of the Yogini: Images of Aggression in Tantric Buddhism

The Philosophy of Yoga - An Aesthetic Appraisal

Buddha - A Hero's Journey to Nirvana

Old Chinese Jades: Real or Fake? by Eric J. Hoffman

The Poetics of Pretext - Krishna's Names in the Bhagavad Gita

Saraswati From Vedas To Our Altar

Jatakas: A Tale-Tell Vision of Buddhism

Padmaputra Ashok Shah: Saraswati's sonby Swapna Vora

TIBET – Monasteries Open Their Treasure Rooms by Michael Henss

Lost and Found: The Universal Biography of Two Swans

A Rarity in Chinese Contemporary Artby William Hanbury-Tenison

Prema Murthy: Weaving the Webby Swapna Vora

Jayashree Chakravarty: Herstory: Palimpsests of the maps of memory

Snowlions Dancing on Cloudsby Thomas L. Guta

The Weavers of Traditionby Thomas L. Guta

Snake earrings of Indiaby Waltraud Ganguly

Raza’s runes: Visions of the self: by Swapna Vora

Amitava: Days and seasons of the self: by Swapna Vora

Embracing at Times Square: Learning Love from The Gopis of Vrindavan

Official Proposal for the U.N. General Assembly to examine the exceptional international situation pertaining to the Republic of China on Taiwan 4 AUG 2000

 Official Proposal for the U.N. General Assembly

Avatara - When, Why and How?

Snowlions Dancing on Cloudsby Thomas L. Guta

Jayashree Chakravarty: Herstory: Palimpsests of the maps of memory

The Weavers of Traditionby Thomas L. Guta

Amitava: Days and seasons of the self: by Swapna Vora

Raza’s runes: Visions of the self: by Swapna Vora

"Is there a Question of Taiwan in International Law?"

"Asian Armed Forces: Internal and External Tasks and Capabilities."

"China, Nuclear Weapons, and Arms Control: A Preliminary Assessment"

"Taiwan's China Problem: After a Decade or Two, Can There Be a Solution?"

"The Legal Status of Formosa: A Study of British, Chinese, and Indian Views."

"Contemporary Practice of the United States Relating to International Law."

"The Chinese Communist Party and the Status of Taiwan, 1928-1943."

Organic Avatar: Teapot and Drinking Vessel Design Approach Nature from the East and West by Julie Rauer

Auspicious Carpets: A Tibetan View of Aestheticsby Ted Worcester

Chiru Chakravarty: Every day, judgment: by Swapna Vora

A Visit to the Artistic treasures of Maiji Mountain caves: by Alok Shrotriya and Zhou Xue-ying

A Drop Becomes the Ocean: Bhakti and the Art of Living

Schiller Institutue—Sun Yat Sen

The Beauty of Beauty: An Aesthetic Journey Into The Ramayana

Anti matter? Kausik M's universe: by Swapna Vora

Parvati's Quest: Understanding the Essence of Shiva

Living Like Trees: The Hindu and Buddhist Ideal of Sharing

The Baldly Beautiful 108 Dabbas of Bose Krishnamachari

Dying After Death: The Buddha's Final Liberation

Aṣṭasāhasrikā Prajńāpāramitā Manuscripts from the Yarlung Museum

Hidden Meanings: Symbolism in Chinese Art

Oriental Sacred Art and the Art of Collecting in the West

The Last Feast of Lady Dai

Aṣṭasāhasrikā Prajńāpāramitā Manuscripts from the Yarlung Museum

Ajanta: A Journey Into the Religio-Aesthetic Kingdom of Buddhist Art

The Narrative Essence of Buddhist Art

Tracing the Reception and Adaptation of Foreign esthetic elements in Tibetan sculpture

From Heaven to Household: The Many Tales of Shakti

West meets East: Making a Murti in Kathmandu by Karla Refojo

Chinamaze - China Articles Directory

Klee's Mandalas: How a Swiss Orientalist mapped his Tibetan cosmos

The Psychology and Practice of Pleasure: Explorations in the Kama Sutra

Lord Mahavira and His Philosophy

Taiwan Advice - large selection of articles

Taiwan Status Glossary 

Taiwan's Qualification as "Unincorporated Territory" of the United States

Why Isn't the US Flag Flying over Taiwan? 

The Successor Government Theory and the One China Policy 

Is Taiwan a Sovereign and Independent Nation under the
terms of the Taiwan Relations Act?

Are Taiwanese Persons ROC Citizens? --
In Search of a Legal Basis for ROC Citizenship

Does Taiwan Meet the Criteria to Qualify as
an "Overseas Territory of the United States"?

A Framework for Taiwan's "Non-Independence" 

Our Inquiry to the US government -- What Are You Doing? 

Taiwan's secret: Island is territory of U.S.! 

Reflections on Taiwan History - from the vantage point of Iwo Jima 

The Successor Government Theory and the One China Policy 

Quick Summary of the San Francisco Peace Treaty's Disposition
of "Formosa and the Pescadores"

Klee's Mandalas: How a Swiss Orientalist mapped his
Tibetan cosmos
by Julie Rauer

Krishna's Dance with the Female Cowherds - A Joyous, Spiritual Narrative

The Lhasa gTsug lag khang ("Jokhang"): Further Observations on the Ancient Wood Carvings

The Lhasa gtsug lag khang: Observations on the Ancient wood Carvings
by Amy Heller

Stripes & Patterns: The Significance of Locality & Social
Relationship in Textile Designs in Eastern Indonesia

Dance: The Living Spirit of Indian Arts

Fathomless Skin by Julie Rauer

CT Scans in Art Work Appraisal by Dr Marc Ghysels

Research on Taiwan's Position as a US Insular Area

Lotus: From a Pond to a Palace Dome

The Forms of Shiva in Visual Arts

Delight of Senses: The Indian Way of Seeing It (A Discourse on Indian Theory of Rasa in Relation to Visual Arts)

Kuan Yin, The Compassionate Rebel

Conservation and Digitisation of Rolled Palm Leaf Manuscripts in Nepal

Through the Jalis: Europe's 19th Century Romance with Orientalism by Julie Rauer

Untitled Identities: Contemporary Art in Lhasa, Tibet

Tibetan Buddhism 

The Potala 

Om Mani Pedme Hum (Six Words Mantra) 

Shangri-La County 

Eight Cimelias 

Mount Qomolangma 

Prayer Wheel 

Namtso Lake 

The Reincarnation of the Living Buddhas 

Zhada Clay Forest 

TK Asian Antiquities

Serpents, Spirals and Prayers - A Journey Through Symbolic Forms in Jewelry

The Metal Sculpture of the Khasa Mallas

Healing Through Faith and Love - A Case Study of Sri Ramakrishna

Love, The Living Spirit of Khajuraho

Healing Through Faith and Love - A Case Study of Sri Ramakrishna

Forms of the Formless - an Interpretive Study of the Indian Trinity

28 February 1947

Formosa Killings are Put at 10,000

Ardhanarishvara in Art and Philosophy

Resolution in Texas State Legislature Commemoration the February 28 Incident

The 228 Massacre, As Documented in the US Media

The Many Forms of Mahakala, Protector of Buddhist Monasteries

Travel in Taiwan 

Wikipedia Taiwan Cuisine

Sita - The Silent Power of Suffering and Sacrifice

Pardon My Chinese - But is 'Soy' a 'Sauce'?

Making Tofu and Soy Milk at Home

Wikipedia Tea Entry

The History of Tea

Chronological History of Tea

Chopsticks: History & Legend

History of Chopsticks

Does Using Chopsticks Make Chinese Food Taste Better?

Chinese and Japanese Chopsticks

The Spread of Tea around the World

Chinese and Japanese Chopsticks

The Connection Between Chinese Calligraphy & Chopsticks

Soma, Offertory and Elixir

The Iconographic Genesis of Shiva

Elements of Newar Buddhist Art: Circle of Bliss

Putting The Ocean in a Bowl - The Origin of the Buddha Image

Awakening the Inner Woman - Bhakti and the Doctrine of Love

Contemporary Japanese Ceramics by James Singer

Exploring Karma - Tales of a Universal Principle

Thangka Restoration and Conservation

Mughal Miniature Painting - An Alternative Source of History

Conception and Evolution of The Mother Goddess in India

The Mystery of Hanuman - Inspiring Tales from Art and Mythology

Iconographic Perception of Krishna's Image

cross-strait relations 

Taiwan Security Research 

2004 presidential election & referendum in Taiwan 

political and social issues in Taiwan  

Hoyloy  learn about the Hoyloy lang. & its culture

A City of Sadness  (the film)

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon  (the film)

The Hole (Dong) (the film)

Giving away a little love for Taiwan - Taipei Times article about Dan Bloom

The Bin-Lang Files: The Story of the Nut  (Betel nut history)

Evolution of the Buddha Image

Jerome F. Keating's writings on Taiwan 

Exaggerated Enmity in Early Modern Indonesian Painting

The Life of Buddha and the Art of Narration in Buddhist Thangka Paintings

Nepal - Adventures in a Living Museum

Metal and Stone Vestiges: Religion, Magic and Protection in the Art of Ancient Tibet

A Kali in Every Woman: Motherhood and the Dark Goddess Archetype

Buddha: A Hero's Journey to Nirvana

The Hindu Temple: Where Man Becomes God

Ivory Carving in Myanmar 

Rama The Ideal Man: The Epic Adventure of a Hero

Comfort Women: A History of Trauma 

Spy of the Century? 

Each of us a Healer: Medicine Buddha and the Karma of Healing

The Silver Jug of the Lhasa Jokhang

Darkness and Light - By Goetz Hagmuller

Bodhisattva Ideal: Buddhism and the Aesthetics of Selflessness

Shiva - The Sensuous Yogi

Wisdom Goddesses: Mahavidyas & Assertion of Femininity in Indian Thought

Chinese herbology, correct and incorrect ways of choosing herbs 

Phytotherapy Aids in Benzodiazepine Withdrawa

Herbal Programs for Women's Health 

Fu Zheng Therapy: Building Strength - Article by Efram Korngold. 

Conquering Chronic Diseases Without Drugs or Surgery 

Chinese Medicine and Cancer 

Chinese Herb Garden 

Sexual Hormones and Reproductive Imbalances Materia Medica 

Chinese Herbal Medicine Effective in IBS 

Nation-building Party formed 

White House Init. on Asian Amer. & Pac. Islanders

Controversies Over the History of Early Chinese Money

Vanishing Dances of Ladakh 

Chinese-American Contribution to Transcontinental Railroad

Taiwan Struggling For Independence
(A Historical Perspective)

Documents on Anti-Chinese Immigration Policy

Conservation of a 5th century Buddhist Manuscript 

Chinese Snuff Bottles 

Wangden Meditation Weaving  

Demons & Deities on Masks of the Himalayas 
The Lukhang (a hidden temple in Tibet) 

Images of Lost Civilization (The Ancient Rock Art of Upper Tibet) 

Phagpa Lokes'vara of the Potala 

American Himalaya Foundation Mustang: Thubchen Gompa 

The Giant Thangkas of Tsurphu Monastery  

The Ancient Amulets Of Tibet: THOGCHAGS 

The Murals of Baiya Monastary 

New Archaeological Discoveries In Tibet 

The Conservation of Tibetan Thangkas 

Early Portrait Painting in Tibet

Images of Earth and Water: 
The Tsa-Tsa Votive Tablets of Tibet 

Introduction to the Art of Mongolia 

Notes on a Taglung Portrait 

Tsakli: Tibetan Ritual Minature Paintings 

Excellent articles by Exotic India on India

The Killing of Vincent Chin  

Anti-Asian Racism  

Articles On Asian Art From Asian Art 

Chinese Silver Sycee

I) Pata-Chitras of Orissa: Illustration of Common Themes

II) Themes Related to Jagannath

III) Themes that Illustrate Episodes from the Epics

IV) Themes Related to Gods and Goddesses

V) Themes from Folklore and Erotic Themes

The Dragons Call (story by Eloise Hart)

Kuan Yin: Goddess of Mercy, Friend of Mankind (by Eloise Hart)

Creating A Tibetan Renaissance Man

Theosophical Perspectives on World
Spiritual Traditions
(a HUGE link list)

The Bamian Statues: Their Mysterious Origin

Sunrise Special Issues (a HUGE link list)

Renovation Follows Renovation without Cease (Creation in the Chinese Tradition) 

The Three Noble Teachers of Ancient China

Confucius and the Family of Man

Confucius: the Practical Sage

Lao-tzu and the Taoist Way of Virtue

Discovering the Tao Te Ching

The Wisdom of Emptiness

Time: 'the deep and placid pool' 

Buddhism: The Path of Compassion

The Six Glorious Virtues of Buddhism

Hui-neng: Patriarch of Zen Buddhism

To Find the Self: Japanese Buddhism

The Art of Writing in India

Ancient China: The Great Unification: The Ch'in, 256-206 BC 

Ancient China: The Shang, 1766-1050 BC 

Ancient China: The T'ang, 618-970 

The Ancient Dynasties

Tashi Kabum: A Cave Temple associated with Luri 
Gompa in Upper Mustang, Nepal

Trance-Dancers of the Goddess Durga

Ghosts, Demons and Spirits in Japanese Lore

The Giant Thangkas of Tsurphu Monastery

Bangladeshi Arts of the Ricksha

A Kushan-period Sculpture from the reign of Jaya Varma, A.D. 185

An Early stone fragment in Central Nepal

Licchavi Caityas of Nepal: A Solution to the Empty Niche:

Pata-Chitras of Orissa

Mudras of the Great Buddha: Symbolic Gestures and Postures

The True History of Taiwan (By Dr. Sim Kiantek)

The Legacy of Absence: Cambodian artists confront the past

House Introduced UN Taiwan Resolution

Taiwan and the United Nations

US Congress: "Full and Equal Membership" for Taiwan in UN

Full and Equal Membership in UN for Taiwan (NTIF)
House Introduced UN Resolution (FAPA)

Rep. Schaffer's Press Release (FAPA)

Taipei Times - Taiwan and the UN

H. RES. 659 - Fut. of ROC Should Be Res.

H. Con. Res. 390 - ROC's Part. in UN
H. Con. Res. 166 - US Should Adopt `1 PRC, 1 ROC Pol.' 
H. Con. Res. 121 - Pol. Rev. of Rel. with PRC

H. R. 1283 - Est. Dep. of MDS

H. CON. RES. 135 - Cong. Wel. Pres. Chen Shui-bian 
S. RES. 89 - Sen. Wel. Pres. Chen Shui-bian

Taiwan Arms Sale


March 29, 1947 - New York Times

A Hard-to-Believe, But Unfortunately True Story

Progress Report on Taiwan into the UN

Bellocchi: 20 years Taiwan Relations Act

Taiwan's Legal Status 

Texas State Resolution to Recognize Taiwan Peace Day 

The Real China Threat is China Threat Theorists

So Taiwan Was Right All Along 


Tantra : The Art of Philosophy

US to Australia: support the defense of Taiwan

China's Economic Conditions 

White Paper 2001 regarding Taiwan and its Future:

US Fires Warning in defense of Taiwan:
US to Australia: Support the defence of Taiwan:
Show of force by US ships: 
Pentagon has plans to defend Taiwan:
At last, straight talk on China: 
Committed to Taiwan: 
US-Taiwan, weapons deal will mean closer mil. coop.
Academia Sinica's "Tribes of Taiwan" 

'Taiwanese' should not be considered as 'Chinese.' 

Ching-kuo Indigenous Defense Fighter

The Taiwan Question and Reunification of China 

20 Years Taiwan Relations Act 

Taiwan Independence: Image and Reality

Terror in Taiwan, The Nation, May 24, 1947, by Peggy Durdin 

March 29, 1947 - New York Times by Tillman Durdin 

Statements in Congress, in Commemoration of February 28th 

President Lee's Deutsche Welle Interview

Culture, Values--Not Just Politics--Divide Taiwan, China 

The February 28 Holocaust (many links)

Taiwan is worthy of a place in the U.N. 

Taiwan and its Future 

Taiwan's Safety and Security 

The "Art" of Conservation

Islam: Aesthetics of a Mystic Religion

Sex in Asia (Time magazine)

The Next Asian Journey (Time magazine)

Road to the 2008 Olympics (Time magazine)

The Falun Gong (Time magazine)

Crouching Tiger (Time magazine)

On the Road From Sapporo to Surabaya

Visions of China (Time magazine)

Asians of the Century (Time magazine)

"Taiwan won't be abandoned" (Far East. Eco. Rev.)

Islam: Aesthetics of a Mystic Religion

Namaste: The Significance of a Yogic Greeting

"Dangerous Straits" - Frontline with Gideon Joseph

China and Tibet (Human Rights)

Crushing the Falun Gong (Time Magazine)

The Anti-Chinese Element 

Attacks on Ethnic Chinese Women in Indonesia - What Can We Do?

Update on Rapes of Ethnic Chinese Women in Jakarta 

Om: Inquiry into its Aesthetics,Mysticism,Philosophy

The mythology of China overstates its prospects

Beijing rules, but it's got a host of problems 

Beijing videos glorifying terrorist attacks on US

Oil and Gas Linkages between Central Asia and China

"Suicide" Plot to Frame Falun Gong Revealed

A Kushan-period Sculpture from A.D. 185

Tibet's isolation and religious practices

Republican China

Every Woman a Goddess: The Ideals of Indian Art

Color Symbolism In Buddhist Art

Women and Jewelry - The Spiritual Dimensions of Ornamentation

How To respond To China's Coercive Behavior

The Dignity of Democracy

Trade with China, But Avoid Strengthening Its Military 

Dance of the Yogini: Images of Aggression in Tantric Buddhis

Yung Wing and the Chinese Educational Commission

The Story of The Chinese Educational Commission to the United States 1872 - 1881

The Buddhist Wheel of Life

Philosophy of Yoga: Influence on Hindu & Buddhist Aesthetics

Vishnu: A Symbolic Appreciation of a Dreamy Deity

A Primer on U.S. Policy Toward the "One-China" Issue

Wood and Transience

The Buddhist Stupa: Yoga's Sacred Architecture

Shakti: Power and Femininity in Indian Art

Peaceful coexistence : two countries, two systems

Shiva Linga - Images of Cosmic Manhood in Art and Myth

Liu Hui and Zu Gengzhi on the volume of a sphere

Doubts concerning the attribution of Liu Hui's commentary on the Chiu-chang suan-shu

An ancient Chinese derivation of the volume of a pyramid: 
Liu Hui, third century A.D

A proof of the Pythagorean theorem by Liu Hui (third century A.D)

The dating of the Chu graves of Changsha: The earliest iron artifacts in China?

Ancient carburization of iron to steel: A comment

The cast iron lion of Ts'ang-chou

Copperworks no. 2 in Kaifeng, China

The earliest use of iron in China

Blast furnaces in Song-Yuan China

The stone drums of Qin

The beginning of iron in China

The 7th Int. Conf. on the the Hist. of Sci. in China

13th-century Chinese pelletising kilns? Ha Law Wan, Hong Kong

The Five Meditating Buddhas

Ganga The River Goddess 

Ivory Carving in Thailand

The Rhythm of Music - A Magical and Mystical Harmony

Buddha and Christ - 2 Gods on Path to Hum.

Chinese Elder's Day - The Double Nines Day

The Kaohsiung Incident of 1979

Taiwanese Hakka

The True History of Taiwan

Lang. & Ethnic Pol. in Taiwan

Ethnologue report for Taiwan

Taiwan - International Organization

Taiwan Cross-Strait Directory

Taiwan - Political History

Taiwan - Historical Precedents

Taiwan - Military Affairs

Taiwan - Imports, Exports, and Investments

Playing with Krishna - God as Child in Art and Mythology

The Eight Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism - A Study in Spiritual Evolution

"White Paper" and responses (5 documents)

Taiwan Relations Act or Public Law 96-8)

Making appropriations for the Department of Defense for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1999

Making omnibus consolidated and emergency appropriations for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1999

Victorious Durga by Krista Knirck-Bumke

Traditional Philosophy

Traditional Chinese Culture in Taiwan: Pottery and Porcelain

Traditional Chinese Culture in Taiwan: Study

Traditional Chinese Culture in Taiwan: Tea

Traditional Chinese Culture in Taiwan - Chinese Opera

Traditional Chinese Culture in Taiwan : Puppetry

Traditional Chinese Culture in Taiwan: Embroidery

Traditional Chinese Culture in Taiwan: Furniture

Dowager Empress Tzu Hsi or Cixi

Heaven’s Embroidered Cloths: One Hundred Years of Chinese Textiles. 

Collecting Chinese Sleeve Bands

The Epoch Times | Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party

From Python to Prostitute: Learning from the Guru in Each

The Story of the Nut

Expressing the sense of Congress that the United States Government should conduct a policy review of its relations with the People's Republic of China.

Expressing the sense of Congress that normal trade relations treatment for products of the People's Republic of China should be revoked if that country attacks, invades, or imposes a blockade on Taiwan.

Expressing the sense of the Congress regarding Taiwan's participation in the United Nations.

Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that the future of Taiwan should be resolved peacefully through a democratic mechanism and with the express consent of the people of Taiwan.

Sec. 2808. Congressional statement regarding the accession of Taiwan to the World Trade Organization.

Expressing the sense of the Senate welcoming Taiwan's President Chen Shui-bian to the United States.

United States - Chinese Joint Statement 1 DEC. 1954

Official Proposal for the U.N. General Assembly to examine                                                   the exceptional international situation pertaining to the Republic                                            of China on Taiwan 4 AUG 2000


Taiwan Security Enhancement Act (S. 693)


S. CON. RES. 17

S. CON. RES. 15

S. CON. RES. 140

Taiwan Relations Act 1

Taiwan Relations Act 2


Immigration and Nationality Technical Corrections Act of 1994 sections on Taiwan

It's Not a Chinese World After All

Concerning the participation of Taiwan in the World Health Organization.

Sec. 1808. Congressional Statement Regarding the Accession of  Taiwan  to the World Trade Organization.

Providing for expedited emergency humanitarian assistance, disaster relief assistance, and medical assistance to the people of Taiwan.

Commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Taiwan Relations Act.

Commending Ambassador Stephen S.F. Chen for his many years of distinguished service to the Republic of China on Taiwan and for his friendship with the people of the United States.

Relating to Taiwan's participation in the World Health Organization

Acknowledging the positive role of Taiwan in the current Asian financial crisis and affirming the support of the American people for peace and stability on the Taiwan Strait and security for Taiwan's democracy.

President should seek a public renunciation by the PRC of any use of force, or threat to use force, against Taiwan, and the US should help Taiwan in case of threats or a military attack by the PRC.

Mixed Verdict on China

Report of the Alliance of Taiwan Aborigines to the United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Populations


The "Six Assurances" to Taiwan

Continued Membership of the Republic of China in the Asian Development Bank

Amendment to the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 and the Arms Export Control Act



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