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Formosa Betrayed, by George H. Kerr

Yi Ching, Book of Sun and Moon

Gods, Ghosts, & Ancestors: Folk Religion in a Taiwanese Village

Taiwan Literature Studies Database

Taiwanese Culture & Literature 

Yoshow.com (in Chinese) Lit. net. pub. fic., essays & poetry

A Taste of Freedom, Memoirs of a Formosan Independence Leader, by Peng Ming-min.

Chinese Literature Classics

The Dragon King's Daughter (full text)

Classical Chinese Literature

Echoes of Incense (A Pilgrimage in Japan,entire text of book)

The Long March from Wong to Woo: Asians in Hollywood (book)

Confucian Classics (texts)

Doctrine of the Mean - Confucius

Writings of Confucius - KongZi [Kung Tze]

Lao Tze DaoDeJing

Old Man Moves a Mountain [Big 5] 

36 Tactics

An Essay to Song Yuan Sze [Chinese] 

Thousand Character Essay [Chinese] 

Zhuanzi Chapter 33 [BIG 5] 

Butterfly Dream [Chinese GIF/ English] 

GuWen GuanZhi [GB] 

Wen Tianxiang 

Classical Prose [BIG 5] 

Classical History [BIG 5] 

Classical Science [BIG 5] 

Classic Novel [BIG 5] 

Classics [BIG 5] 

Literature [BIG 5] 

Poetry [BIG 5]

The Dhammapada, Wisdom of the Buddha 

Sacred Texts: Buddhism (list & links)

Sacred Texts: Hinduism

"An Internet Guide for Asian American Cybernauts"

The Taiwan Question and Reunification of China 

Formosa Betrayed (alternate source)

Formosan Odyssey: Taiwan Past and Present 
by John Ross

The Analects of Confucius

The Travels of Odoric of Pordenone (c.1330) 

The Travels of Sir John Mandeville (c. 1357) 

An Historical and Geographical Description of Formosa (1705) 

Chinese Sketches 
by Herbert A. Giles first published: 1876

The Civilization of China 
by Herbert A. Giles first published: 1911

China and the Manchus 
by Herbert A. Giles first published: 1912

New Forces in Old China: An Inevitable Awakening by Arthur Judson Brown

The Chinese Boy and Girl 
by Isaac Taylor Headland of Peking University 

Two Years in the Forbidden City by the Princess Der Ling,
First Lady in Waiting to the Empress Dowager

The Black-Bearded Barbarian
by Marian Keith first published: 1912
Biography of George Mackay (1844-1901), an influential 
Presbyterian missionary in northern Taiwan.
A Taste of Freedom
by Peng Ming-min

Counting Mantou:
an American in the Taiwanese army

Keeping Up With the War God
by Steven Crook 

The Art of War (in English)
By Sun Tzu (c.400-320 B.C.)

The Art of War (in Chinese)
By Sun Tzu (c.400-320 B.C.)

Chinese Literature Classics

Gold Plum Vase Poems in Jin Ping Mei [BGI5] 

Tale of Water Margin (Chinese text)

Legend of the White Snake [English with illustrations] 

Complete 120 Chapters in [BIG5] at Fen-ju Lo site

Honglou Meng - Hunglou Meng - Dream of Red Chamber
English translation by Bowra 

Honglou Meng - Hunglou Meng - Dream of Red Chamber
English translation by Henry Giles

Journey to the West 
A most popular novel with a supernatural story by Wu Cheng-en 

The Three Kingdoms
by Luo Guanzhong - Chinese text (incomplete)[BIG5] 

The Three Kingdoms
Major characters in the novel [English] 

RuLin WaiShi - Chinese text [GB]

Court Life in China
by Isaac Taylor Headland first published: 1909

I Ching Wisdom

Early iron in China, Korea, and Japan

The casting of iron woks in Guangdong, China, in 1840

Iron production in 3 Ming texts: Tie ye zhi, Guangdong xinyu, & Tian gong kai wu


Pref. to new ed. of Formosa Betrayed

Religions of Ancient China (1905)

Chinese Playground


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