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Token Minorities – blog on Race and Games


Thirteen Minutes Magazine

Rice Daddies

Taiwan Review

Audrey Magazine for Asian American Women

13 Minutes Magazine

Banana Living


Xpat Magazine (Tainan based)

AAGolf Magazine

Taiwans Number One Travel Magazine

Taiwanese magazine

Taiwan Communiqué

Cashak Magazine

New America Media

Vision International Publishing Co.

EGO Magazine

Asian American News Journalism Unlimited

Halfway Magazine

Chinese Music Journal


Theme Magazine

Wilsons Almanac

Art Knowledge News 

Asian Fanatics

Today in Taipei

Today in Taichung 

Today in Tainan & Chiayi

Today in Kaohsiung & Pingtung

Taiwan Magazine One (in French)

Chinese Journal of Physics

Asiance Magazine

Exoticize My Fist

The Asians in America Project

Taipei city guide magazine

Tainan & Chiayi city guide magazine

Orient Aviation Magazine and Inflight Asia

Jade Magazine

Beijing Scene magazine

Kumidaiko - The Source for Taiko News

Vespertine Press

East West Woman magazine

Chinese Medical Journal (Taipei)

Asia Pacific Arts


Hyphen Magazine

Audrey Magazine 

Taiwan Communiqué

Taiwan Security Research

The World & I

The Illuminated Lantern

Travel in Taiwan

Asian Guy

Rice Bowl Journals 

Raw Vision - art magazine

China Informed 
Artist Magazine

Taipei Hoy (in Spanish)

Taipeh heute (in German)

Taipei Journal (in Russian)

Taiwan Info magazine (in French)

Taiwan Info magazine (in Spanish)

AltoCelebs Chinese 

Network World Fusion

Arts & Letters Daily

Tennis magazine

Tennis Week magazine

Yoga Journal

New Scientist magazine

Biography magazine

Compass Magazine (excellent Taiwan information)

Travel in Taiwan Magazine

International Health News - Chinese Herbal Medicine 

Inner Self Magazine

Herb World News Online

Herbal Collective Magazine 

OSCAR Magazine (official site)

Sinorama Magazine news Periodical

Orientations magazine (Hong Kong Asian Arts)

The Buddhist Review (tricycle.com)

Color Lines Magazine

China News Digest

Monsoon Magazine

National Geographic magazine

Sports Illustrated (CNN)

Martha Stewart

Time Magazine/ASIA

Time Magazine/Digital ASIA

Time magazine/ASIA Business

Time magazine/ASIA Arts

Time Magazine/ASIA Buzz

Taiwan Communique

ASIA Week Magazine

Bejing Spring Digest 

Wei Ming magazine

Taiwan ELLE magazine (in Chinese)

Fortune magazine

Business Week magazine

Time magazine

Newsweek magazine

Hakka Taiwanese Special Magazine

California Bar Journal

Formosa Aboriginal News Magazine

Cluelesspie Magazine (in Chinese)

Giant Robot

Asian American Revolutionary Movement Ezine

Journal Of Asian Studies

Asia-Pacific Magazine

Beijing This Month

Business Beijing

Asia Law & Practice (Hong Kong)

Asia-Inc magazine

Asia Affairs magazine

Far Eastern Economic Review (Hong Kong)

Big O magazine (Singapore)

Hydrocarbon Asia magazine


The Asian American Woman

Asian Wired

Jade Magazine (Asian women)

Journal of Asian American Studies

Model Minority

New York Chinatown

Orient Express Magazine

Yell-Oh Girls (emerging voices of Asian American girls)

In Motion Magazine

II Stix

Asiatica Association

Diversity Incorporated

Generation Rice

Evening Magazine

Kineda Magazine

Asian Cardiovascular and Thoracic Annals 

CNET Magazine - Taiwan

Formosa Aboriginal News Magazine

Arts of Asia Magazine 

SUNRISE Magazine - For better understanding among all peoples

Popular Mechanics PMZone

National Review

Atlantic - Unbound

American Heritage

American Politics Journal

New Taiwan Magazine 
Art of Asia Magazine

The Asian American Woman Magazine 

Beijing Spring Magazine

Golf Digest

Next Magazine (in Chinese)(HK)

Tuning In (Southern California)

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Esquire Magazine

Nature Magazine

Marie Claire Magazine

The Lancet Magazine (medical UK)

Vanity Fair Magazine

Vogue Magazine

Byte Magazine

Ladie's Home Journal

Field and Stream Magazine

Redbook Magazine

Smithsonian Magazine

Country Living Magazine

Popular Science Magazine

Chinese Music International Journa

Government Technology Magazine

Jozan - Magazine on Oriental rugs

PC Magazine

Foreign Affairs Magazine

Foreign Policy Magazine

Washington Post

Eurasian Nation

Princeton Review

Journal of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery

Qi - The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health & Fitness

World Magazine 

Asian American Policy Review


Taiwanese Voice (in Chinese)

Language Magazine

American Journalism Review

Cycling Update Magazine (Chinese)

Action Asia Magazine

Yell-Oh Girls!

Snake Girl Ezine


The Progressive

Mother Jones

Mountain Bike Daily

Taiwan Aborigines Newszine

Downbeat Magazine

China Now

Northwest Asian Weekly

Persimmon Magazine

Tokyo Pop Magazine

Northwest Asian Weekly

KungFu Magazine

The Jade Pages Magazine

Asia Pacific Arts Magazine

Asian Journal (Front Page)

Persimmon: Asian Literature, Arts, and Culture

Northwest Asian Weekly Online

Kungfu Magazine: Feature Index

Asia Pacific Arts Online Magazine


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