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Music 音樂

Standing up for the "real" Joe Cocker. - youtube music

A Pop Star Alter Ego

Stand Up For Humanity And Human Rights!

Hip Hop Caucus  get out the vote 2008

Snakeice's House of Beats Radio Show  Excellent Site, I been listening to it for about four hours... good music, some a bit edgy (remember "the dog" and "old eye-mus") yet I support your effort. Art

Livewire (free music downloads)

Radio & Music.com

MSN Music - all music

A-Mei - Blue Sky - video

A-Mei : Blue Sky 2 - video

A-Mei : Don't Lie To Me - video

A-Mei : Hold Hands - video 

A-Mei : Remember - video 

A-Mei : Gu Sheng Ruo Xiang - video 

A-Mei : Zhen Shi - video 

A-Mei : Reaction - video 

A-Mei : Mei You Yan Chou De Ri Zi - video 

A-Mei : Katsu - video

A-mei - No Regrets - video

A-Mei : Yin Wei Ni Mei Shuo - video

Ninja Pants Asian American Music for the Masses


Red 23  (a band based in Taipei)

Joss Stone

Hip Hop Daily News

Asian Music Circuit

BBC Asian Life

BBC Asian Network

La Groove

Goodsoundz Taiwan

Melody of China - CA

The Internet Chinese Music Archive - Traditional Music - CA

Three Wang Sisters' Chinese Center - CA - Promotes Chinese traditional music, including the music of Guqin and Gu Zheng.

Chinese Music Society of North America - IL 

Welcome to Buy-Free-Music.com - Free Music Downloads, MP3 ...

Free Music Downloads- download music, music lyrics, free mp3 ...

Free Music Downloads- download music, music lyrics, free mp3 ...

Rockacola - Chinese site for music & downloads plus more

Internet Archive: Live Music Archive

GRATEFUL DEAD LIVE - www.gdlive.com

Welcome to GrooveTV Santa Cruz

All Music

Groove Asia  

Hollywood Records

Much Music

Virgin Records -  official music site

Launch Music

Sonicfoundry (multimedia solutions) & Acid Planet

Launch Cast

BBC Radio Player

All Music Guide

Music Moz

365 Days project

Incorrect music

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