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News Media

Asia Independent  online news

World and Local Maps MSN link

MSN Encarta World Map

World Countries (map at a glance)

News About The Middle Eastern / SEA --- links

Dar Al Hayat - English version of Arab newspaper

Arab News - Saudi Arabia's first English daily newspaper

Israel    India-1    Saudi Arabia     India-2      Kashmir

Palestine    Ramallah - Online  news sources

The Independent United Kingdom news

Aggregated News

Europe + Asia (eurasinet news)

Itar-Tass  - Russian News Agency

Kidon media Links - Huge news source - Excellent

U.S. Newspapers Portal

Global Security - is said to be a "reliable source"

Liberty Post

The World News Network

The Korea Times (English)

Hankyoreh News - (English)

Newspaper Article about (CDOT) 2002

Newspaper Article about (CDOT) 2003

NewsTrove use search engine when necessary

News About The World --- links

美國哥倫比亞廣播公司 CBS News
美國國家電視網 NBC & MSNBC
Big News Network

Cable News Network
News Max
USA Today
World News:Reuters (English)
BBC Online
CBS News
ABC News (international news)
World News:BBC (Chinese)
World News:BBC (English)
ESPN Network
Boston Globe
Fox News Service
National Public Radio Online
Yahoo Daily News
Philanthropy News Network
International Herald Tribune
World Newspapers -- About.com
World Tribune
International Newspaper Links
The Economist
UK Media Links (Excellent - large & many)
The Stratfor
Vancouver Sun
The Register
(United Kingdom)
Guardian Unlimited (U.K.)
Falun Dafa News
The Heritage Foundation
Global News Service
NewsLink - wide selection
News Central
- wide selection
The News Paper Boy - mixed selection
United Daily News
(in Chinese)
The Times (United Kingdom)
The Globe and mail
World Press Review


News About The USA --- links

The Jewish Week....newspaper
The Huffington Post .....the internet newspaper.....excellent

United States of America - Huge news source - Excellent
St. Louis Chinese American News
The Morning News (New York)
Poynter News
American Journalism Review
New York Stock Exchange (USA)
New California Media
Dow Jones Average Stock Index (USA)
Boston Globe
Drudge Report
Channel Ten News
Channel 3 TV Station KCRA
KFBK Radio Station Am 1530 (News Talk Radio)
California Capitol Week
KRON News Center 4 (SF CA.)
KPIX Reports Channel 5 (SF CA.)
KRON News Center 4 (SF CA.)
SF Gate (San Francisco)
San Francisco Chronicle
Dateline News (TV show)
Washington Post
Federation of American Scientists News
News Max (America's News Page)
Yellow World
Washington Times
Weekly Standard
Los Angeles Times
New York Post
New York Times
Sacramento Bee
Wall Street Journal
Huge U.S. News Links by Crayon
The Epoch Times (in Chinese)
Washington Times National Weekly Edition

Miami Herald
News 8 - Honolulu, Hawaii
Washington Post

Chicago Tribune


News About Taiwan  (English language) --- links
"Democratic Republic of Taiwan"

TVNET Taiwanese Voice (Big-5)
Taiwan Yahoo (Big-5)
Yam (Big-5)
Openfind (Big-5)
TaiwanUnitedNetwork (Big-5)
World Journal (Big-5)
Liberty Times (Big-5)
China Times (Big-5)

Taipei Post
UDN United Daily News (Big-5)
ET Today (Big-5)
ET TV (Big-5)
PTS Taiwan Pub. Tel. Serv. Online (Big-5)
Tourism Bureau Taiwan Tourism Bureau

e-Government Website/Homepage
BCC World Wide
KMT News  (in Chinese)
東森美洲衛視 ETTV America
ICRT Cyber Station
World Journal (in Chinese)
Ken Davies - Taiwan Q&A Forum 
Taiwan's News Net
Taipei News Net
Taiwan Globe (news)
Taiwan Newswire
Taiwan Economic News
Taiwan Daily News (in Chinese)
TVBS Online (in Chinese)
Formosa TV News (in Chinese)
Gopher News (from Natl. Sun Yat-sen Univ, Big-5 Chinese)
Taiwan C/Net NewsTaiwan Lihpao (in Chinese)
Taiwan Lihpao (in Chinese)
Taiwan Pacific Daily News (in Chinese)
Taiwan KIMO News (in Chinese)
ROC Presidential Election Updates
ET Today (in Chinese)
China Post (Taiwan)
UDN News - in Chinese
Taiwan Aboriginal News
ET Today

China Economic News Service
TVB News Service

NOTE: Taiwan News media links (Chinese language) moved to left sidebar.
REASON: To improve the speed of page loading.



News About China  (English language) --- links

People's Daily (English)
Ken Davies - China News
LianHe ZaBao (Chinese daily newspaper)
News My Muzi China
China Times
China Economic News Service
Singtao Electronic Daily
South China Mourning Post
Business Times (Singapore)
The Shipping Times (Singapore)
CTS News (in Chinese)
PC-Family News Network (in Chinese)
Hong Kong News (Mingpao)(in Chinese)
Yemen Times
Beijing TV Enterprise (in Chinese)
TV Corp. of Singapore
Hong Kong Asia TV Ltd.
China TransWorld Radio
Apple Daily [Hong Kong]
South China Morning Post
Harbin Daily (in Chinese)
Singtao Electronic Daily USA
Singtao Ripao (in Chinese)
Century China (list of newspaper links)
Mingpao News
Singapore's news analyses
Xinhua News Agency (English)
China Daily
Broadcasting Corporation of China - BCC
Asia Times China
Hong Kong New
Ancient China Daily Life
People's Daily Online -- Home
星島日報 Sing Tao Daily
國際日報 International Daily News
世界日報 Chinese Daily News
United News - in Chinese
WCETV - watch news via Microsoft Windows Media
The Epoch Times

- China
TV Corp. of Singapore

Hong Kong  TVB
Hong Kong   Cable TV
CNS - China News Service 中新网首页 
People's Daily Arabic (Rnmn Rbo) صحيفة الشعب اليومي   (Beijing)

NOTE: Chinese News media links (Chinese language) moved to left sidebar.
REASON: To improve the speed of page loading.


News About Asia --- links

Asia Times - English
Asia Times - Chinese
Asia Times - Southeast Asia
Asia Times - South Asia
Asians Vote
Asia Times - Korea
Asia Times - Central Asia
News India (news sources)
ASIA Observer
Asia Pacific Universe News
Daily Indonesia Business News
Utusan Mingguan Malaysia
Bangkok Post (Thailand)
Asia Demo (in Chinese)
Far Eastern Economic Review 
The Chosun Journal 
Washington Post - Asia 
Himal South Asian News Magazine
News Media Links from TSR
Radio Free Asia (RFA)
IM Diversity/Asian American Village
Pacific News Service
BBC News - Asian/Pacific 
Asian Athlete
The Straits Times (Asia)



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